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With so many moving parts, your project’s status can transition from Green through to Red for all kinds of reasons. Some are expected, and some not. The restoration challenge is  tough, especially when timelines and budgets are stretched and faith in the plan is  eroding.

However, if... or when, a project goes off the rails, it no longer has to stay there. Not any more.

OVERGantt is built for purpose. It combines proven methods with a unique Project Flow Diagram that blends the best features of whiteboards, Gantt charts, network diagrams  and Kanban.


The results are remarkable.

Why OVERGantt

Recover your projects with a level of ease you never thought possible

OVERGantt transforms even the most complicated project plan into an entirely new format that makes uncovering hidden problems easy. Reduce stress within your team by creating a project flow diagram that is easy to read and understand by everyone.

Robust customized onboarding

Our onboarding process is customized to your team. Our process allows us to understand your needs and build an onboarding plan that makes sense to you. We won’t be happy until you walk away with the ability to use all of OVERGantt’s features confidently.

Rally your team around a clear vision of success

With OVERGantt you can envision your entire project through an easy-to-read Project Flow Diagram. OVERGantt presents you with one unified diagram that the whole team can easily access, understand, and use as their guide through the entire project.

Available for iOS and MacOS

OVERGantt’s advanced graphical tools run on iOS and MacOS. Once you’ve built a plan, you can export the data into other project management applications. OVERGantt can also import charts in CSV or XML format.

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