Using OVERGantt will consistently bring your projects in on time and on budget - at twice the industry average (70%+ versus the industry average of 32%). 

Through a comprehensive project flow diagram and advanced schedules, it will spot hidden dependencies before work begins and minimize risks during the execution phase. That will reduce errors and omissions and minimize schedule & cost overruns for your project.

Ready for fearless planning in your projects?

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What People Are Saying

Why OVERGantt

For decades, planners have been using our planning method to achieve more accurate and realistic results in their projects. Customers who use OVERGantt can identify parallel work and cross dependencies that will save you time and give your team accurate and realistic plans.


Rally your team around a clear vision of success
With OVERGantt, you envision your entire project through an easy to read project flow diagram. No dizzying array of colors or shapes. No tangle of lines pointing in every direction. One unified diagram the whole team can easily access, understand, and use as their guide through the entire project.
Gain visibility across multiple applications and devices
OVERGantt’s advanced graphical tools run on iPadOS and MacOS. Once you’ve built a plan, you can export the data into other project management applications.

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