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Effective project management requires more than execution management. OVERGantt enables you to take charge of the planning process so you can spot hidden dependencies before work begins and minimize risks during the execution phase.


Visualize on a single screen all your project data, presented in an easy-to-follow project flow diagram.


Identify dependencies at the beginning of a project, before they derail key tasks.


Effortlessly adjust the plan between tasks and adapt to changes during execution.

What People Are Saying

Get peace of mind...

For more than 25 years, we’ve enabled project managers around the world to plan a smooth path through multi-million-dollar, multi-year projects. Our method blends the best features of various schools of project management into an approach that’s so easy to master you may think it’s too good to be true.
OVERGantt helps build a detailed, reliable plan, step by step. All you need to do is enter your project data into the software. The voice of our built-in guide, OLee,  will help you detect missing tasks and identify scheduling conflicts. Creating a trustworthy end-to-end plan, to take you from launch to final handover, is what we do best.

Rally your team around a clear vision of success

With OVERGantt, you envision your entire project through an easy to read project flow diagram. No dizzying array of colors or shapes. No tangle of lines pointing in every direction. One unified diagram the whole team can easily access, understand, and use as their guide through the entire project.

Gain visibility across multiple applications and devices

OVERGantt’s advanced graphical tools run on iPadOS and MacOS. Once you’ve built a plan, you can export the data into other project management applications.

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