Our Story

The concept for OVERGantt was born in 2010. Research and development started in 2016, resulting in the establishment of EndFirst Plans Inc. in July 2018. Co-founders Alan Uren and Wayne Greenwood have collaborated for more than 20 years from opposite sides of the world. Alan is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and Wayne is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Alan Uren

CEO and Founder
Alan started his career in the Royal Canadian Navy and began consulting in personal development and project management in the early 1980s.  He has worked with clients in manufacturing, construction, energy, telecommunications, and government in locations throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.
The project plan Alan is proudest of is the blueprint that allowed him to step away from his desk for eight years to sail to the Caribbean with his wife Heather.

Wayne Greenwood

Director and Co-founder
Name an industry, Wayne has probably served it as an instructor or facilitator of project management. He’s travelled around the world to work with companies in oil and gas, heavy vehicles, coal production, IT, change management, and food and beverages.
Wayne also has extensive experience in university teaching in Australia, China, and Sri Lanka.