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Clear visibility from end to end

OVERGantt allows you to input tasks, dates, team members, budget figures, and other details - and the output it creates is so simple that a new PM or someone in the C-suite can read and grasp it.

In a single, scrollable network diagram, OVERGantt shows you the clear path through your project, from kick-off to the final deliverable.

Projects that are on time and on budget

OVERGantt produces the very best project plan and equips your team to control the plan through to completion, correct errors and omissions sooner, take advantage of opportunities and options when they happen and quickly transition to ‘what-if’ scenarios should a risk factor come to life. This will all help you save resources and time. 

How It Works

Set up

  • Onscreen prompts walk you through each step of creating your OVERView, a brief summary that captures the highlights of the project. The OVERView serves as a quick reference to keep the whole team aligned.
  • Simple instructions lead you through the process of setting up your list of resources, and your list of deliverables. These items stay on the screen whenever you’re working with OVERGantt so you don’t have to hunt for critical information during the planning process.


  • OVERGantt prompts you to enter detailed information for each project task. It displays that information as a small rectangle (a task card), and connects that rectangle to predecessor and successor tasks. You’ll enter project tasks working from the end to the start of your project. As you enter the data for each task, OLee will speak up to test your planning logic. Before approving the task, OLee will also ask you to verify whether all the preceding tasks have been identified and allow the team to pause for discussion and reflection.


  • As you move tasks around the screen using a mouse, trackpad or stylus, OLee will also make sure you validate any change before you finalize it. Task, by task, you’ll check for dependencies so you don’t miss any hidden links that could sink your project.

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