Clear visibility from end to end

The planning process requires intense focus and attention to detail. But at the end of the day, you don’t want a planning chart so simple that it doesn’t show task linkages or so dense and busy that your team needs a user manual to interpret it.

OVERGantt allows you to input tasks, dates, team members, budget figures, and other details - and the output it creates is so simple that a new PM or someone in the C-suite can read and grasp it.

In a single, scrollable network diagram, OVERGantt shows you the clear path through your project, from kick-off to final deliverable.

If you can use sticky notes, you can use OVERGantt

Imagine a time-scaled whiteboard large enough to hold all the tasks (yes, every last one of them) needed to build a deck in the backyard or complete a multi-million-dollar project.

Now picture yourself adding tasks to that giant whiteboard one by one, listing each task on a sticky note that contains all the information pertinent to that task: constraints, duration, resources, and so on.

Then give yourself a marker so you can draw lines between tasks and clearly see which tasks are interconnected and where dependencies lie. You can reposition the sticky notes, and redraw the lines, as many times as you wish.

Congratulations. If you can envision yourself creating a network diagram using a whiteboard, sticky notes, and markers, you’re well on your way to creating a step-by-step, foolproof plan using OVERGantt .

But it can't really be that simple, can it?

Absolutely. OVERGantt takes care of all the complicated planning manoeuvres under the hood, so the interface you experience really is as simple as notes on a whiteboard. However, underneath the hood, OVERGantt is busy making calculations and troubleshooting for you. As you build out your network of project tasks, assigning deliverables and resources, OVERGantt vets your work and alerts you to issues as they emerge. All you have to do is input your project data, and OVERGantt will enable your team to identify the elusive links between tasks that contribute to so many project crashes.

Hands-on guidance through the entire process

OVERGantt is the result of more than 25 years of hands-on facilitation experience. We developed it at the request of our clients, who loved our method and wanted to use it in a modern and user-friendly software application.

Set up

  • Onscreen prompts walk you through each step of creating your OVERView, a brief summary that captures the highlights of the project. The OVERView serves as a quick reference to keep the whole team aligned. It appears each time you open the software.
  • Simple instructions lead you through the process of setting up your list of resources, and your list of deliverables. These items stay on the screen whenever you’re working with OVERGantt so you don’t have to hunt for critical information during the planning process.


  • OVERGantt prompts you to enter detailed information for each project task. It displays that information as a small rectangle (a task card), and connects that rectangle to predecessor and successor tasks. You’ll enter project tasks working from the end to the start of your project. As you enter the data for each task, OLee will speak up to test your planning logic. Before approving the task, OLee will also ask you to verify whether all the preceding tasks have been identified and allow the team to pause for discussion and reflection.


  • As you move tasks around the screen using a mouse, trackpad or stylus, OLee will also make sure you validate any change before you finalize it. Task, by task, you’ll check for dependencies so you don’t miss any hidden links that could sink your project.

OVERGantt Partial Features List:

  • Integrated project charter
  • Detailed deliverables list with inclusions and exclusions
  • Detailed resource list with conflict detection
  • Multiple baselines
  • Multiple ‘Possibility’ files integrating risk and opportunity scenarios
  • Time-scaled, network diagram with enhanced summary and detail views
  • Logical dependencies, combining both task duration and available float
  • Schedule conflict warning system
  • Embedded ‘endfirst’ planning methods planning right to left
  • ‘OLee’ virtual assistant to verify task dependencies
  • Complete data embedded within each task, including constraints, resources and costs
  • Temporary task placement indication
  • Orphan task warning system (missing predecessor or successor)
  • Single and multiple critical paths
  • ash per period and running total
  • Task status and progress tracking
  • Task list catalogued by deliverables
  • Import and Export CSV plan files
  • Identical functionality provided on Mac, iPad and iPhone

What People Are Saying

System Requirements

OVERGantt takes advantage of the very latest technology in iPadOS, iOS and MacOS, including the latest M1 processor equipped iPads and Mac computers.